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As uncertainty rises about the continuing spread of coronavirus, many of us may begin to feel a sense of vulnerability. With the heightened media attention, a wide range of thoughts, emotional reactions and behaviours, including an increased sense of anxiety and risk,...

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Coping During the COVID-19 Crisis

The global pandemic has abruptly changed the way we live. The majority of us are now working from home - a challenging transition adding to the disruption to normal routine. During any time of uncertainty, we may feel anxious and overwhelmed, and this can impact our...

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Performing under pressure

We all encounter pressures in our daily life. Maybe it’s an upcoming deadline at work, or a repayment that seems too large. And this can be made even worse, if we feel that others are not really pulling their weight, and are we are left picking up the slack for them,...

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That World Cup Feeling

There is no doubt that emotions run high for many of us during the World Cup, as many of us would have experienced watching England's opening game last night. Whether you are an avid football supporter or not, it is hard to avoid the pull of that green screen filled...

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Don’t stress about stress!

While stress has become widely acknowledged as an issue in modern society, it has also developed a bad reputation. Stress is seen as something that is negative, that we need to reduce or even eliminate. However, wanting to get rid of stress is problematic in itself...

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