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The psychiatrists and psychologists at Cognacity are here to help people improve their own mental health and wellbeing. We use personalised plans and best-in-class treatment methods to support your needs.

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At Cognacity we’re proud of our multidisicplinary team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists. We use specialists from across the globe to ensure you recieve the highest quality care in a wide range of services.

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Cognacity is proud to work with almost all major insurance companies.

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Our Process

Getting in touch and being referred to your ideal expert couldn’t be easier. Your journey with Cognacity is confidential and you will be supported along the way.

“Excellent experience each time I have visited here. All the staff are friendly and professional.”

Where to find us

Cognacity is a world leading provider of private mental health services. With headquarters in Central London on Welbeck Street and in the Thames Valley, we are also supported by our large national and international network of over one hundred experienced clinicians.

“I’ve felt so much better, almost back to my old self, and don’t think I’d be in this position now were it not for our sessions.”


Do I need to have a GP referral to be seen at Cognacity?
Not always, depending on your circumstances and how you pay for your care. It is good practice to obtain a GP referral prior to your appointment with a Cognacity Clinician. A psychiatrist will typically require a GP referral beforehand in order to fully understand the presenting symptoms as well as knowing the medication that you may be currently on. Private Medical Insurance requires all patients to obtain a GP referral letter before commencing treatment. Please discuss with our team upon enquiry and they will assist.
If I have Private Medical Insurance how does the process work?
All medical insurance policies require a GP referral letter prior to the appointment. We recommend you also familiarise yourself with policy restrictions and excess before booking your appointment.
Once you have your GP referral letter and understand your policy, please contact our team who will confirm the clinician whom we recommend you see. You will then need to contact your insurance company directly with the recommended clinicians details in order to obtain an authorisation code. Alongside your confirmation code they will confirm how many sessions of therapy are covered. We highly recommend you familiarise yourself with your policy restrictions to avoid incurring charges later on. Please contact our team if you have any questions.
Will you liaise with my GP?
For professional and ethical reasons it is good practice to have knowledge of your GP incase the clinician would need to contact them. We will not write to your GP unless we have expressed permission beforehand, exceptions are however made on an individual basis and circumstances. Upon booking with our clinicians we will send a registration form where consent to share information is requested. If you have any concerns about this issue or your privacy, please speak to our team beforehand.
Can I only be seen in Welbeck Street or are there other locations?

Depending on availability, Cognacity clinicians are available to see patients in-person at our clinic in Welbeck Street or for an online consultation.

We also have clinicians throughout the UK , you can request with our team upon enquiry where you would prefer to be seen.

Can I have sessions by Skype© or telephone?
Telepsychiatry is a clinical evaluation and psychiatric treatment at a distance. We recommend face to face for initial assessments and consultations, however we understand the need for flexibility. Skype© or telephone psychiatry is available if the clinician agrees and it is clinically acceptable. Please enquire with our team for further details.
Can I see a bio for the clinician I am seeing?
All of our clinicians details are available on our webpage, simply go to the ‘Meet our Experts’ page and click on any of the clinicians.
What age children can be seen at Cognacity?
Cognacity can see adolescents from the age of 13+, we are unable to see anyone under that age at present. Should you require any further information please contact our team for further details.
What are the fees and how do I pay?

All details of our fees are available when confirming your appointment with our clinician. Our team will run you through the costs, dependant on the clinician you are seeing. We accept payment via our patient portal, or in person on the day of your appointment (before being seen).

Psychiatrist: Initial Assessment – from £440 (1Hr Appointment)
Psychiatrist: Follow up appointment – from £250( up to 30 mins)

Psychology & Therapy appointments – £240 ( 50 mins)

What if I need to cancel or re-book my appointment?

Please contact reception to let us know if you would like to cancel or move your appointment and we will be happy to help.

Please note that if it is less than 2 working days before your original appointment time the full fee will still need to be charged.

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