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Our Story

The Cognacity Story

The beginning…

2008 brought together a team of expert clinicians with shared values and cutting-edge knowledge in the arena of mental health.

The partnership quickly evolved with the implementation of bespoke and informed referrals within the corporate world and elite sport. Cognacity was born.

To the Rescue…

Following the major global disaster in 2010 – the Deepwater Horizon oil spill – Cognacity was challenged by BP and successfully created a preventative resilience programme to help BP employees perform under pressure.

Our research and findings were publised in the Journal of Occupational Psychology and demand grew for our first flagship workshop; ‘Resilience: Performance Under Pressure’.

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Graduating to Cognacity…

As our expansion continued, 2014 brought with it the Cognacity Graduates Programme and Internship schemes. Securing talented graduates from some of the best universities in the world to work with us ensures that we keep up with the technological and research advances of the modern world.

Lift the Weight Campaign…

Working with the RPA (Rugby Players Association) in 2017 we pioneered the campaign to reduce the stigma associated with Mental Health in sport. This brought a six-fold increase in the number of players accessing our confidential counselling service.

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Cognacity LABS…

With 2018 came Cognacity LABS and the largest ever trial of its kind in building resilience across an entire organisation. More evidence to the success of our training interventions.

This was the first study conducted within the new department ‘Cognacity LABS’ to conduct new research and maintain our position at the forefront of change.

Looking to the Future…

We map our services onto the Mental Health Spectrum. A spectrum of psychological resources, or resilience.

Cognacity support all individuals on the spectrum, from those suffering from mental illness to coaching with elite athletes or leaders looking to make marginal gains.


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