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Why do nearly half of us quit resolutions before the end of January? Dr Rob Archer shares his insight


It’s another new year and so as a psychologist I am legally obliged to write something about resolutions and habits.

Now look, habits are great. Some of my best friends are habits!  And I love a good resolution.

But there are downsides:

1. Resolutions can be a bit vague; ‘I need to get fitter’ (this is the #1 resolution in 2024)

2. They can be a bit random; ‘I must do more yoga!’

3. New habits can feel like an extra burden – ‘Now I have to squeeze a yoga class into my diary!’

This is possibly why nearly half of us quit our resolutions and habits before the end of January….

So what’s the answer?


Routines are powerful because they help establish a daily rhythm, where habits and resolutions become easier to do.

In addition by improving one part of a routine, other parts tend to improve automatically.

The key is to be very specific about which aspects of your routine need to be tweaked.

This is why I have developed my High Performance Routines assessment:

This is a free and confidential assessment which will tell you which aspects of your routine are working, and which could be optimised.

Many thousands of people have tried it already – try it and tell me which aspect of your routine you are working on…

p.s. This month I am working on PREPARATION

Dr Rob Archer, Chartered Psychologist and UK & Europe Director, Cognacity

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