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Knight Frank implement Mental Health First Aid programme


With 1 in 4 adults experiencing mental health issues, so good to see Knight Frank investing directly in their employee Mental Health First Aid strategy. Led by Cognacity’s Mental Health First Aid trainers Deanna Tutty and Ginny Hulin, we implemented a full programme of MHFA training sessions running 4 sessions for 64 staff this month, training them to be Mental Health Champions, to help recognise mental ill health and signpost to the resource they need, reducing the stigma and raise awareness of mental health in the workplace.  Holly Taylor, Senior L&D Trainer at Knight Frank, provided an excellent training area for the intensive one-day course specifically targeted to the workplace, where the learning carries into everyone’s wider lives. There was positive engagement by all attendees, motivated to learn more to help themselves and others.

We had excellent feedback including:

“ It was a very well structured and presented course. In places very challenging subjects were handled sensitively and, in my opinion, sufficient time was given over to the group to discuss, absorb and reflect. Participants that felt able to make personal comments were fully supported. Absolutely key to this for me was clearly setting out at the outset the “rules of engagement” i.e that it was a safe and confidential place. Thank you both”


“Thank you so much for a brilliant, informative and engaging session. The quality of the trainers and course content was fantastic, with plenty of interaction and variety of training materials. I couldn’t recommend the course highly enough.”

Please contact Deanna Tutty to discuss implementing Mental Health First Aid Training in your organisation.

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