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Mental Health Awareness Week highlights need for workplace mental health priority


Mental Health Awareness Week highlights the need for mental health to be prioritised not only personally, but in the workplace. Mental Health issues can have an enormous cost in many ways. The incalculable emotional cost affects not only those suffering from mental health problems but family, friends and colleagues too. Poor mental health has both economic and physical effects – mental health problems can even be linked to physical health, for example: cardiovascular disease leading to worse outcomes after a heart issue. Acting to support and improve our mental health will have impact far beyond commonly associated benefits.

While the impact of mental health can have devastating effects that ripple into other areas, having a good support network and being well-informed about mental health can create sustainable and positive change. At Cognacity, our clients proactively invest in their employee mental health and wellbeing. Our wellbeing programmes focus on how to deal with stress and other common mental health problems and how to prevent or spot them. Statistics show mental health training and awareness programmes are helping to reap big benefits – not only for individual participants but the wider work environment too. Mental health and wellbeing workplace programmes are now becoming a pre-requisite for post-pandemic recruitment, contributing to the Great Reset.

Learning how to handle stress at work and identifying mental health issues in others, can have a knock-on effect and benefit all areas of life, client feedback shows participants build on these skills with high positive outcomes. Cognacity is able to support the whole mental health spectrum, from individuals who are languishing and need clinical interventions (referrals to our own Harley Street Clinic) through to high achieving and flourishing individuals/teams who just need that extra push to maximise their performance.

Global experts in mental health and performance

Our global experts in mental health and performance include world class Consultant Psychiatrists such as Dr Phil Hopley, Dr Gary Bell and Dr Judith Mohring and Chartered and Clinical Consultant Psychologists including Professor Pieter Kruger, Dr Rob Archer, Dr Marisa Lang and Jake Lovelock, each offering their own speciality in key areas of resilience, authentic leadership, high performing routines and performance under pressure collaborating with HR and People teams, delivered through keynote speaking, workshops, webinars, 1:1 and group coaching, as well as providing advisory and 24/7 helpline support.

If you would like to explore how Cognacity can support mental health and wellbeing in your organisation, please get in touch.

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