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How To Build A High Performance Routine with Dr Rob Archer


Hybrid working appears to be here to stay, with at least 2/3 of employers expected to offer working from home in the future. Whilst this brings clear benefits for many, it still represents a significant shift in ways of working which will take some adapting to. Research suggests that on average, professionals work significantly longer hours when working from home. Knowledge workers also tend to be much more static – sitting for over 9 hours a day on average. This working pattern eliminates many of the natural boundaries and constraints of our previous routines. Yet by treating ourselves more like always-on machines, we create a challenge to human health and productivity.

At the outset of the pandemic there was a common fantasy that working from home might liberate us to spend more time with family, more time on our own health and wellbeing,  and less time on the dreaded commute. All of that happened, but what was less obvious was that prolonged working from home would feel so exhausting. Dr Rob Archer, Consultant Psychologist and Director of Cognacity, global experts in mental health and performance,  has spoken to countless thousands of people who have felt constantly desk-bound, stuck in back-to-back Zoom calls and meetings. Days have lacked structure with the average working day extending by over 2 hours. And along with that has been the boredom of the same day repeated over and over.

High-Performance Routines (HPR) are a response to these issues. They offer a framework that helps us to structure our time and attention so that we can get more out of work and more out of life. Although some people dislike the idea of routines, the fact is that we all operate on routines. The real question is whether we have optimised our routines so that they deliver the kind of outcomes we actually want.

Dr Rob Archer is a Performance Coach and Psychologist and HPR expert, and his sessions focus on optimising routines and making individuals become more deliberate about how they spend their time. He has identified some of the negative patterns that people fall into when working from home and used this to create the 4 key elements of a high-performance routine along with insights to show how to improve each element.  Each session provides a complete strategy including exercises and tools to help create individuals own High Performance Routines. Dr Rob Archer identifies the best ways adapt to hybrid working, and what kind of boundaries and constraints we need to put back into our routines in order to thrive.

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