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Counter Burnout in the New World of Work  – Perform, Thrive and Survive with Dr Rob Archer


Countering burnout in the new world of work by applying the principles of elite sport is a strategy that Dr Rob Archer, Director of Cognacity has identified, to help reinvigorate performance for so many of our clients. Dr Rob Archer firmly advocates:

“We don’t rise to the level of our goals,

but fall to the level of our systems and routines”.

(Source: James Clear)

Many of us get drawn into working patterns that are not optimised and which don’t serve us. Yet how often do we consider the cost? When tired, humans tend to make more mistakes, communicate less effectively and become much less productive. This flat line way of working also leads to increased distractibility, less focus and the feeling that we need to work longer hours to make up for lost productivity.

By implementing practical strategies, Dr Rob Archer has been able to transform organisations and teams to optimise individual routines, or by coaching individuals to become more deliberate about how they spend their time.

If you’d like to find out more about how Cognacity’s Dr Rob Archer can help your team counter burnout and perform, thrive and survive instead, get in touch now.


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