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Looking After Your Winter Wellbeing


We were delighted this month to host a webinar by our Lifestyle Psychiatry expert and Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Judith Mohring, who reviewed the data around mental health in the pandemic, and shared practical tips to overcome the winter blues.

This free webinar brought together a variety of simple evidence-based life hacks to make working from home during the winter months, healthier, happier and more productive. These insights lead to small, but powerful, behavioural changes to promote your wellbeing.

Dr Judith Mohring covered the evidence-base gathered in the pandemic before looking at the power of the outdoors:

  • Movement – how our muscles help us manage stress and blood sugar levels- and how to move more without going for a run
  • The great outdoors – green space lowers stress levels within five minutes- but how can you access this in a city?
  • Light – daylight regulates everything from sleep to moods- low light levels in winter can cause real blues but  there are simple ways to help
  • Social contacts – invest in your social capital to stay well connected in these difficult times and why we all need social contact
  • Control – in uncertain times a sense of control is vital to maintain mental equilibrium- plan what you can to keep  on top of stress

Covering a range of practical, actionable wellbeing tips for staying well in the winter and while working from home, this webinar provides a personal wellbeing action plan for the winter months.

If you are interested in finding out more about Cognacity and how we can help your organisation,through workshops, webinars or executive coaching, please get in touch.

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