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Mental Health Awareness Week: survive or thrive?


Mental Health Awareness Week kicks-off this Monday (8th – 14th May). The theme for 2017 is whether you are surviving or thriving?

If you’re at a place in your life where you feel like you’re barely surviving, being told to thrive can be more frustrating than encouraging. In these moments, take a step back and reflect. Here are some Cognacity tips to help you flourish and thrive:

  • Be active, not reactive. People who thriveimpact and overcome their environment, while survivors do only what they must to stay afloat. Learn to embrace challenges and grow stronger because of them.
  • Don’t worry, be happy. How you think impacts your life. Research overwhelming suggests that positive thinking leads to greater happiness and fulfillment. People who are happy have higher quality relationships, are more successful in their careers, and live healthier, longer lives.
Are you surviving or thriving?

Are you surviving or thriving?

  • Cultivate physical wellness. Making physical health a priority can help you in body, mind, and spirit. Good choices in diet and exercise, simple changes to your lifestyle – like resolving to add vegetables with every meal, replacing fizzy drinks with water, and including exercise in your everyday routine – can help you truly thrive.
  • Put some goals in place! Work towards your own vision of your future will inspire you to action and pushing you to reach your highest potential.

It isn’t too late to get involved with Mental Health Awareness Week – click here to visit their website.  If you would like any advice on initiatives you can run for the event then please call a member of the Cognacity Team on 0207 182 4132 or enquire through our website.


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