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Mental wellbeing and the importance of relationships


Improve mental wellbeing through building relationships

Improve employee mental wellbeing by allowing them to build relationships at work

From friends and family through to those formed in the workplace, the importance of relationships and good mental health should never be under-estimated. Having a strong support network plays a huge role in our mental wellbeing, and at Cognacity we are keen to raise awareness about the roles we can all play in creating a strong environment.   This can be through recognising those who help form these relationships or, to listening and helping overcome possible barriers for those currently in need of a helping hand.

A big part of mental wellbeing in the workplace centres on the senior leaders and management teams in helping to prioritise the issue. Promoting healthy behaviours and modelling these behaviours shows a strong message that staff wellbeing is important to the company and that there is a willingness to support their employees.

Even simple initiatives such as encouraging all staff to take a lunch break and get away from their desks to eat can play a small step in the right direction to reducing feelings of pressure and stress, and enabling employees to switch off throughout the day without feeling they cannot.

By promoting mental health issues and raising awareness throughout the workplace it can help relay to employees that there are channels for them to explore if they are feeling the effects of stress, anxiety or depression.  It is important they know that there is someone there to listen to them and help them through their issues.

For some larger-sized companies, a lot of employees would not know much about one another or spend time with each other apart from sitting across the desk from them. Social activities and at work events and initiatives such as healthy breakfasts and lunch time walking groups can help create stronger relationship between workmates. This may help create a friendship and an outlet for someone to speak up and confide in a work mate when they might otherwise have felt uneasy about doing so with managers or family members.  

Along with forging stronger relationships, creating a positive workplace cultures results in happier and more productive employee group, making them feel valued and part of a team, which helps in retaining key staff and at the same time can play a huge role in attracting new talent to your company.

To find out more about mental wellbeing and relationships or to arrange mental health first aid training in your workplace, please contact a member of the Cognacity team.

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