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Resilience Webinars

Resilience: Performing under Pressure through COVID-19 

Overview of Webinar.

This 60-minute webinar provides a short overview of some of the main themes covered in Cognacity’s flagship Performing under Pressure workshop.  This is a webinar version of that workshop, specifically adapted for C-19 and the challenges it presents to our resilience, mental health and performance. 

We will cover the basic skills of resilience as applied to the challenges and changes we are experiencing today. 


This interactive session covers: 

  • Understanding the role of recovery in mental health and performance;
  • What we can learn from elite performers to help us sustain high performance;
  • The difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress;
  • Identifying one’s ‘stress signature’;
  • Understanding the significance of marginal gains in behaviour change;
  • Identifying specific marginal gains for better task focus and optimising recovery;
  • Develop personal resilience strategies that can be put into practice immediately.
  • Signposts to additional resources and materials to embed learning.

Who is it for?

This webinar is broadly applicable to anyone dealing with the psychological challenges of COVID-19 or looking for evidence-based ways to help others through this challenging time. 


60 minutes


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