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Resilience Webinars

How to Maintain Resilience When Working from Home

Overview of Webinar.

As most of us are now working from home, many of our existing routines and habits have fallen away.  In addition, many of us are dealing with emotional impacts such as worry, anxiety and loneliness which can feel overwhelming. 

This webinar provides an opportunity to reflect on simple ways in which we can maximise performance whilst maintaining our mental health when working from home. We will explore ways to take some control back over our working lives and to deal effectively with the psychological changes we are all experiencing. 

We will then orientate people towards meaning, purpose and hope and help them to think about how their lives can be better than before once the crisis is over.


This interactive session covers:

  • The perception vs reality of working from home
  • The three main psychological phases that people will pass through
  • Specific evidence-based ideas, tools and resources to deal with each phase including how to create the right environment, set boundaries, high performance routines and identify opportunities
  • The key factors in generating hope, purpose and meaning out of the crisis.

As with all our webinars there will be a strong emphasis on identifying marginal gains – small, specific actions and behaviours that people can take to make an immediate effect on their psychological health and performance. 

Who is it for?

This webinar is for those who are:

  • Dealing with the psychological aspects of working from home (such as overwhelm, anxiety, loss, isolation and boredom)
  • Needing time to think things through
  • Looking for ways to maximise their effectiveness whilst maintaining mental health
  • Seeking to learn how they can turn this crisis into a positive (or help others to do the same).

The objective is to provide a package of ten evidence-based resources, ideas and tools to get them through the next few days, weeks and months in a meaningful way.


45-75 minutes


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