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Resilience Coaching

Sleep and Performance Coaching

Optimising your Day for a Restorative Sleep.

Sleep is an incredibly powerful resource when dealing with crises. It strengthens our immune system, restores energy levels and helps us think innovatively about our ever-changing circumstances.

But sleep is vulnerable to uncertainty, and sleep disruption can be a natural response to a crisis. Crucially, sleep and emotional wellbeing have a two-way relationship. Adopting a structured approach to sleep improvement can reduce excess anxiety, improve confidence and mood, and enhance productivity.

What is Sleep and Performance Coaching?

Prior to the session you will be invited to keep a daily diary of sleep habits for 7 days. This encourages reflection and provides data for personalised sleep routine recommendations.

Coaching starts with a one-to-one, 50 minute ‘deep dive’ session held over video link, or phone. This core session is designed to help each individual to:

  • Recognise all the levers which influence their sleep, including behavioural, environmental, psychological and social factors
  • Apply an understanding of sleep physiology to their own sleep experience, to appreciate what is ‘normal’, and what can be changed
  • Explore the impact of recent events on sleep-related thoughts, behaviours, and routines
  • Learn about options for addressing major barriers to sleep in the midst of a crisis
  • Develop a personalised action plan

Most clients choose a 30 minute follow up session, 2-3 weeks later, to review progress, and/or add further techniques to their action plan.

Who is it for?

If you have difficulty falling asleep, waking up in the early hours, or waking up repeatedly feeling unrefreshed, sleep coaching will give you the knowledge and techniques you need to take control of your sleep. Sleep coaching can also be helpful for individuals who sleep well, but nonetheless feel sluggish during the day and reach peak performance at the wrong time of day.


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