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Our Workshops


Our Workshops

Cognacity provides world-leading, evidence based training, delivered by eminent psychiatrists and psychologists. Please see below for the range of workshops we have developed to suit our clients’ specific requirements.


Stress at work has escalated progressively in recent decades. It is more important than ever for individuals to be equipped with the skills to perform under pressure, and stay healthy in doing so. Our performance training core principles are derived from our work in elite sports. Our experts – all accredited psychologists and psychiatrists – have ensured tens of thousands of individuals are thriving at work, resilient to stress and achieving their peak performance.

Mental Health & Resilience

It is estimated that 1 in 6 people experience a mental health problem every week. Our workshops provide people with the ability to look after their own wellbeing. We also promote awareness of the common mental health problems experienced at work, teaching participants how to spot signs and sensitively approach others. Our facilitators work as clinicians too, using their experience at the coalface of mental health in the community to deliver outstanding training.

Our Client Testimonials

Italian Trulli

Cognacity’s performance under pressure workshops have radically changed the way our employees think at Octopus. The practical, realistic tools and theories we have all learned have definitely made marginal gains in the way we operate. We have seen an increase of people taking lunch breaks, visiting gyms and even walks around the office to ensure they have a wobbly line each day. Which in turn as shown the ability for our employees to refocus on the job in hand more specifically re-energise them to really take their objectives seriously and the very best everyone talks about the workshops as a huge brilliant investment in them as humans. A massive part is how authentic Rob is within his delivery and the understated expertise he brings with him.

Kirstie Hawton – Head of People Octopus Group

Italian Trulli

Cognacity’s Performing Under Pressure workshop is the most sought after training session in Octopus! As soon as we organise a workshop it’s fully booked within minutes.
The workshop helps you to understand the importance of the small changes that will impact in a big way. We have found colleagues across Octopus talking about marginal gains and sharing marginal gains so it has now become part of our fabric.

Anna Philbrick – Head of People Investment Business Octopus Group

Italian Trulli

“Fantastic and engaging day that flew by. The course offered exactly the sort of practical advice eneded with the right balance of theory, examples and individual application through the 21 day challenge. We’re always willing to talk to prospective Cognacity clients about how impressed we were with the programme and the approach to working with us”

Paul Raben-Christensen Leadership and Talent Executive


It is well understood that an organisation’s leaders play a crucial role in promoting the wellbeing and performance of their teams. What sets our leadership workshops apart are the skill sets we pass on, that can immediately be implemented by leaders. We teach leaders the importance of looking after themselves. We show how certain leadership behaviours affect the team. And, we provide leaders with the tools to reduce stress in their staff, build resilience and enable the team to function at its best.

Corporate Behaviours & Culture

Psychology affects almost every dimension of our working lives. Whether its companywide culture or individual behaviour, our brains greatly influence the direction of an organisation and often unconsciously sway us. Using expertise and the latest in psychological research, we provide distinct improvements to a huge range of corporate fields, by assessing both individual and cultural adaptation including bullying, change management, retaining talent, transition and reintegration, diversity, cross generational teams, and unconscious bias.

Bespoke & Other

We understand that every organisation has a unique culture and even teams within organisations have areas they wish to focus on. All our workshops can be preceded by an online assessment which provides a snapshot of a groups’ overall wellbeing and resilience levels. In this way we can tailor and contextualise each session appropriately. We have also developed tailor-made sessions and programmes, working with our clients from the ground up. Please contact us with any enquiries for bespoke workshops.

Case Study

At Cognacity we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke, professional services. We work collaboratively with clients to make sure our training has long-lasting impact. Using our team of psychometricians, we can provide companies with detailed outcome data.
A multi-national client Cognacity has been working with reported a 27% drop in asenteeism and a self-reported increase in productivity in 90% of the staff.

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As a leading provider of performance training, we offer a range of workshops and coaching services. Find out more about our high performance and resilience programmes.


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