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Relationship Difficulties

Counselling for Relationship Difficulties

Many circumstances can create difficulties in a relationship such as raising children, infertility, addictions, different values, pressure and stress from work or parents, issues emerging from previous relationships and sexual difficulties. Constant arguments and disagreements, feeling dissatisfied and spending a significant time apart may signify that change is required to maintain a healthy relationship. Avoiding communication about deeper issues may instigate further issues in the relationship. Many couples experience difficulties following a distressing event or significant life change such as after having children, infidelity, unemployment or retirement.

If you and your partner are having difficulties in your relationship, then you should consider seeking help from a professional. Relationship counselling can help when you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship and when your relationship is in crisis. Couples counselling assists in improving communication between couples and helping each partner understand each other’s needs.
Therapy sessions provide a safe, confidential space to explore the problems you are experiencing in the presence of a professional who will provide a way of understanding the dynamics between yourself and your partner. Some individuals prefer to be seen alone rather than as a couple. Our mental health experts at Cognacity specialise in both individual and couples counselling for relationship difficulties.

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