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21 Day Challenge

Cognacity's behaviour change support tool

Day 1

Introduction: How to use this web portal

Thank you for attending Cognacity’s recent Building Resilience webinar.

In order to continue building resilience, we’d like to invite you to maintain a ‘marginal gain’ over the next 21 days. The objective of this web portal is to assist you with the identification, implementation and maintenance of your marginal gain.

If you have any questions about the content, feel free to reach out to Jake Lovelock, Psychologist at Cognacity here.


What is a Marginal Gain?

For a quick recap on what a marginal gain is, watch this video with Dr Phil Hopley, Consultant Psychiatrist.

The 1% factor is a behaviour change strategy created in Elite Sport
Watch Sir Dave Brailsford discuss marginal gains and how to learn from Elite Sport
Starting with small behaviours creates lasting change

In ‘Tiny Habits’, BJ Fogg discusses how to create new habits in your life.

Get 1% better everyday with the aggregation of Marginal Gains
Explore this fantastic blog by James Clear for a quick read on tiny gains


Cognacity’s Audio Coaching Tool

Identifying a Marginal Gain

by Psychologist, Jake Lovelock


The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us.
Watch Simon Sinek explore values and find meaning in ‘Start with why’
Choose to care about the few things that matter

Life isn’t about getting rid of problems, it’s about finding better ones. READ HERE.

Use distance and perspective to see what really matters to you
Read ‘How to behave to the life you want with ACTion’ by Michael Sinclair


The Pilot and The Chimp

Mind traps in everyday

Understand classic mental barriers in Kahneman’s ‘system 1 & 2’
Watch Daniel Kahneman summarise his famous book, ‘thinking fast and slow’
A powerful metaphor for how our mind may help or hinder change

Prof Steve Peters explains how our brains are predisposed to think.

Common thinking styles can move us towards or away from our goals
Watch ‘The Four Brain Model’ used in the webinar by Dr Rob Archer

Day 7


Cognacity’s Audio Coaching Tool

Build an effective habit with CARE

by Psychologist, Jake Lovelock

How to use curiosity as a tool to break bad habits
Judson Brewer discusses what we can learn from the psychology of addiction
Why we do what we do, and how to change in life and business

Charles Duhigg uses science to explain habit formation. READ HERE.

Your life today is the sum of your habits
James Clear summarises a chapter from his book on the three Rs of habit change


Compassion Break


The secret to achievement is not talent, but passion & persistence.
Angela Duckworth describes the biggest predictors of success
A step by step guide on developing self-compassion in difficult times

Read ‘The Compassionate Mind Workbook’ by Ions and Beaumont.

Psychological strategies on how to get out of a rut
Recognise signs, identify the source and get out of a rut with VeryWellMind

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