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Case Study

Standard Chartered

We delivered our world-class product Performing under Pressure to teams based in London and New York and from this, were invited to tender for a cross-organisation resilience and mental health programme called Realise Your Potential.

This programme involved a rollout across all of the organisation’s 86.000 employees and encompassing 59 countries in 4 geographic areas.  Through this global rollout, we were able to help employees with specific challenges, not least those created by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as organisation restructure and job role transitions.

The sessions were used to help employees talk and share experiences, helping to normalise challenges, spread best practice and join up some of the other services the organisation was offering.

    As part of our offering, we helped design supporting materials, including:

    • Interactive e-books on coping with COVID-19
    • Daily checklists for resilience
    • Mini toolkits:
      • How to build task focus
      • Improving communication under pressure
      • Optimising recovery
      • Improving sleep naturally
      • Improving diet and hydration for better mental health
      • Exercise and movement for better mental performance

    “The resilience training couldn’t come at a better time… I am becoming a better person, managing time and stress effectively. I’ll recommend my colleagues to attend. “

    For more about our work with Standard Chartered please contact Dr Rob Archer by email:

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