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Private Law Firms

We have extensive experience of working with large and medium-sized law firms across the world, but particularly in the UK, Europe and US.  As of 2021, we have worked with 65% of the top law firms in the world (by revenue).

Our work spans the entire mental health spectrum and encompasses:

Cohort-specific training – we provide expert training for specific cohorts or those going through transition, for example graduates, new Associates and new Partners.

We have also rolled out training across entire law firms, for example see our work with Eversheds Sutherland and an overview written by senior Partner Keith Froude and Cognacity Director Dr Rob Archer.

Clinical work – we offer fast-track referral for those struggling with a mental health challenge as well as a 24/7 confidential helpline manned by psychiatrists and providing responsive high-quality care for people for the full range of mental health problems.

Cohort-specific training – we provide expert training for specific cohorts or those going through transition. For example, for graduates, new Associates and new Partners.

Advisory – we offer board-level advisory services in any aspect of mental health or wellbeing, including the most effective strategies for mental health and building resilience as well as an objective appraisal of the organisation’s challenges.

 Assessment – Our online psychometric assessment created individual feedback reports as well as aggregating individual results which were anonymised and collated into a company overview to identify common or recurring themes.

Resilience coaching – We recently introduced Cognacity Space, a 1:1 digital coaching platform, across an entire law firm including all countries, regions and inter-state offices for both Attorneys and Professional Staff. Individuals booked appointments directly with an accredited Psychologist at their convenience, confidentially and securely.


    “I strongly feel that law firms should be offering this program to mid and senior associates and partners if they are serious about wanting to retain them and help them navigate the challenges of the job and our profession.”

    Produced by Jake Lovelock and Dr Rob Archer. If you have any further questions about this report, please get in touch with Jake Lovelock by email:

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