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Case Study

After Cognacity’s sharp growth between 2008 and 2010, and having already built a reputation for ‘best-in-class’ services, we were honoured to support BP through a major crisis. In April 2010, an oil spill caused 4.9 million barrels to flow into the gulf of mexico, an industrial disaster considered to be the largest oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.
BPs legal team, the largest team of corporate lawyers in one organisation worldwide, were under severe pressure. This pressure and stress, led many into burn out, presenteeism, absenteeism and mental ill health.
One of the many interventions used at Cognacity is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT) which focuses on short term treatment plans, by giving people the skills and awareness to begin to manage their own mental health. We adapted this approach into a workshop, focusing on building resilience and the ensuring the ability to perform under pressure. We delivered global resilience training to nearly 1,000 employees, effectively managing people struggling with burnout back to sustainable high performance. Our positive research outcomes were publised in the Journal of Occupational Psychology and demand grew for our flagship workshop; ‘Resilience: Performance Under Pressure’.

Attendee Feedback

“The best course I have been to in a long time in BP. Truly worthwhile, insightful, challenging. It resonated with me strongly and the presenter was excellent in terms of giving practical solutions to take away. Hurry back!”

Anonymous Attendee, BP Legal, BP

Programme Results

BP employees completed psychometrics before the workshop as well as after they had completed their 21 day challenge. The positive impact of half day workshops was confirmed by independent scientific study by the University of Surrey. Results included:

  17% improvement in employee engagement level
  11% increase in employee perception of ‘job fit’
  13% improvement in employee relationships
  25% reduction in stress & risk of stress-related ill health
  11% advancement in supervisory relationships
  7% reduction in employee turnover

We continue to provide annual performance, resilience and bespoke services for that organisation to date.

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