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Our Coaching and Advisory Services

Types of Services

We offer three different approaches to coaching, all of which can be tailored to find the best solution for your organisation. Click any one of the below options for more information.

COVID-19 Resilience Coaching

Our Resilience Coaching service is designed to help our clients with the specific challenges posed by COVID-19, empowering you to maximise your performance and reach your potential through difficult times.

COVID-19 Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle & Behavioural Coaching has been designed specifically for crises such as this to pinpoint subjective lifestyle and behavioural changes that will improve wellbeing and performance.

COVID-19 Sleep Coaching

Sleep is an incredibly powerful resource when dealing with crises. It strengthens our immune system, restores energy levels and helps us think innovatively. Adopting a structured approach to sleep improvement can reduce anxiety, improve confidence and mood, and enhance productivity.

Webinars & Online Talks

We have developed a range of impactful webinars specifically designed to meet the current and future challenges posed by COVID-19. Our webinars will enable your employees to manage the new and evolving work environment, allowing them to maintain their health and productivity.

Mental Health Advisory Service

In times of crisis and change, effective strategies for mental health and building resilience are essential.

Over the last 8 years we have advised Boards and Executive teams in the development of best in class proactive mental health policy and programme delivery. We objectively appraise the challenges organisations face and help you prioritise and implement the most relevant evidence-based policy for your people/challenges.

Our advisory work streams include:

Executive coaching to senior leaders in times of crisis
Crisis response and staff support for major events and serious incidents
Group / Organisation assessment of needs and review of existing mental health provision including PMI cover, EAP provider, Occupational Health services
Mental Health / Wellbeing policy review and development
Mental wellbeing promotion events with WebEx interviews using our experts
Mental Health intervention advice including MH awareness programmes; MH Champions / Advocate selection / induction / training and supervision
 Sensitive case troubleshooting (employment tribunal and disciplinary case MH advice;
Occupational Health and Return to Work dispute cases etc).

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“Working with Evie has turned me from a complete sceptic to realising and experiencing the benefits of coaching. The power of talking to someone, identifying practical changes and working on achieving small objectives has made a real difference to my stress levels at work.”
Senior Associate, Fieldfisher

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a working partnership based rapport. Ultimately it benefits both individuals and organisations by improving and sustaining performance. Where psychology and psychotherapy focus on mental health conditions, coaching is a client-focused relationship designed to create lasting positive change.

Delivered in one to one session or in group seminar, coaching impacts clients in the following areas:

  Improved self-esteem and confidence
  Realisation of purpose and goals
  Removal of brarriers and fulfilment of potential
  Improved relationship skills and empathy

  Sustainable performance
  Psychological resilience
  Sustainable behavioural changes
  Deepened self-awareness & improve wellbeing

Why Cognacity and how are we different?

As global leaders in human performance, incorporate evidence based values into our coaching using quantitative data, assessment and evaluation techniques. Our coaches are expertly trainied to analyse data received from physiological testing and provide expert feedback to employees.

Our Coaches

We work exclusively with best-in-class coaches from psychiatry, psychology, business and professional sport, resulting in a coaching experience that is second to none.

Read our guide to find your perfect coach.

The 20%

Around 20% of those clients who seek coaching actually have a clinical requirement, for which our market-leading clinical department provides further resource and support where approporiate.

Cognacity coaches are trained to recognise when this support is required and when to make the approporiate in-house referral to Cognacity Wellbeing. This enables a client working with Cognacity to receive bespoke and tailored performance coaching which delivers a sustained success rate of overall performance which cannot be matched by other coaching organisation. 

If you’d like to benefit from our clinical services click here.

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