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Introducing Cognacity’s Coaching Services

You Asked, We Listened! Introducing Cognacity’s Coaching Services… One thing we heard from

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Building Resilient Leaders

Building Resilient Leaders

Knocks and challenges come hard and fast in management but Champions are mentally

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talkSPORT launches Mental Health Awareness Series

talkSPORT, the world’s biggest sports radio station, has announced a ground-breaking series of

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Saturday appointments now available at Harley Street

We have reviewed recent feedback from our patients and consequently, we are now

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Cognacity wins Award for Top Patient Ratings

This morning, the team at Cognacity were delighted to accept an Award for Top Patient

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Screen it out:How to stop distractive devices from sapping your productivity

Prof. Pieter Kruger discusses where technology has the most damaging impact and, with

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Assessing the effect of a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(CBT)

A study in collaberation between Prof. Pieter Kruger of Cognacity, Dawn Querstreta, Mark Cropley both of Assessing the effect of a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(CBT)-based workshop on work-related rumination,fatigue, and sleep

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Resilience:Winning the Stress Game

Dr Philip Hopley talks about Winning the Stress Game at the LMA Annual

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