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Richard Turrell

Richard Turrell

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Richard Turrell is an experienced specialist addictions therapist, having completed his addictions training at Bath University and has worked in the field of treatment for addictions / compulsive behaviours for over 12 years. He is an accredited Advanced Practitioner with the Addiction Professionals Registered Body. He has worked in a variety of renowned in-and out-patient settings, as well as his own private practice.

Richard has developed a relational approach to the treatment of addictive / compulsive behaviours which draws on a number of evidence based models, and has worked to integrate treatments for some of the major drivers of addiction into his work, such as trauma and shame. To further this, he is working towards his Master Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute. He is passionate about helping the people he works with not only make the behavioural changes they need to make in terms of the presenting issues which bring them into treatment, but to work through the underlying issues too. His specialist areas include alcohol and drug misuse, as well as compulsive or out of control sexual behaviours.

When he is not working, Richard is a keen cook, loves to travel and experience new things, and is a huge movie buff.

BSc (Hons) 1st Class (Addictions), AP-APM, Accredited BLAST practitioner (Accelerated EMDR).

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