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Jake Lovelock

Jake Lovelock

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Jake Lovelock is a British Psychological society (BPS) registered Psychologist and CBT Psychotherapist, who provides training and coaching to a range of Cognacity clients, such as PwC, RBC and the Rugby Players Association, among others. Jake works with professional athletes and individuals in high pressure environments to get the most out of their minds.

Academically, Jake has an undergraduate degree and three postgraduates in psychology from institutions like University of Oxford (Distinction) (BSc, MSc, PGCert and PGDip respectively). In our clinic, he is a BABCP accredited psychologist and conducts psychotherapy (CBT) with clients suffering with mental disorders; and on the road, he works with national sporting teams and organisations across the country to improve elite athlete performance under pressure.

Specializing in performance, mental health and building an individual’s psychological resources; Jake now uses his background to help people achieve sustainable high performance.

In his downtime, Jake is often being dragged around the UK by his Siberian Husky competing in Canicross or Bikejoring dryland dog sports.

MSc (Psychol.), BABCP Accredited, ACBS Accredited, MBPsS, Level A & B BPS Occupational Test User.

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