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Dr Sophie Bostock

Dr Sophie Bostock

Dr Sophie Bostock is a Sleep Evangelist with a mission: to help people to improve their lives by unlocking the science of sleep and performance.

Following degrees in Medicine and Entrepreneurship, Sophie completed a PhD in Psychobiology at UCL. This led to an interest in sleep in as one of the unsung heroes of health and wellbeing. Sophie spent 5 years as Innovation Lead at Big Health, a digital medicine company, where she was awarded an NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellowship for her work on Sleepio, an online CBT sleep improvement programme.

As part of the Cognacity team, Sophie provides keynote talks, workshops and coaching for clients in business, healthcare and elite sport. Sophie regularly features as a sleep expert in national media (e.g. BBC News, ITV This Morning, The Telegraph, The Guardian) and has been invited to deliver talks for Ted Talks and Google.

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