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Dr Sharad Haridas

Dr Sharad Haridas

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Dr Sharad Haridas is a Consultant Psychiatrist in General Psychiatry and Addiction medicine at Cognacity. With an international background having grown up in Singapore, he trained in Psychiatry in London, becoming a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2015. He has held various NHS Consultant roles since 2019, and is the lead for an NHS drug service and community mental health team. He also consults for a detox and rehab facility.

Sharad has been an honorary lecturer at UCL medical school and he continues to deliver lectures to higher trainees in Psychiatry. He is published in the field of Psychedelic Drug Research at Imperial College. His main area of clinical practice is the confluence of mental ill-health, addictions and ADHD. A maxim to his practice is that empathy is central to the recovery of the individual. He has long been interested in new and emerging  treatments for mental health and the neuroscience behind them. His avenues of enquiry include health optimisation via intermittent fasting, and supporting client lifestyles to enhance the interface between gut and brain.

Being a lifelong tennis player and all-round sportsperson, he understands the spirit of competition, but also brings a lightness to the table. In his free time, he also enjoys playing the guitar and piano, and has a deep passion for the wild landscapes of this World.

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