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Dr Richard Heron

Dr Richard Heron

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For over 15 years, as VP Health and CMO Dr Richard Heron led BP’s global health agenda. This included wellbeing, occupational health, industrial hygiene, and public health in over 65 countries. He has held prior health, safety, and risk management leadership roles with AstraZeneca.

Now consulting, Richard is co-chair of IOMSC, an association of 47 National OH Societies, representing 70% of the world’s workers. He is on the NHS Expert Advisory Group for employee health and wellbeing, and the UK National Wellbeing Forum. He has recently joined the Global Wellbeing Advisory Board at Champion Health. He has also worked on expert advisory groups for departments of Health, Work and Pensions, and PHE.

A past-President of both Faculty and Society of Occupational Medicine, he is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (London and Edinburgh), the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and a Senior Founding Fellow of the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management.

Richard is an honorary professorial fellow of International Business and Health, University of Nottingham. His specialist interests include leadership, health, work and organisations, and work-related mental health.

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