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Dr Polly Cocker

Dr Polly Cocker

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Dr Polly Cocker is a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist, with 10 years of experience working across NHS and Private settings. She currently works as a Highly Specialist clinician within the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, alongside her work at Cogancity.  She is trained across therapeutic modalities and works primarily from a Psychodynamic approach. This develops a deeper understanding of how we relate to ourselves and others, exploring the links between the past and present, to give individuals more freedom in moving forward.

Dr Polly Cocker offers brief and long-term therapy for adults experiencing complex mental health difficulties, including depression, anxiety, mood and personality disorders, who may be looking for help within relationships and in navigating past trauma. She has specialist experience in working holistically with people experiencing physical health issues, paying particular attention to the relationship between the mind and body. She has experience in perinatal mental health, working alongside adults where there are attachment-based difficulties and stresses related to the transition to parenthood.

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