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Dr Pamela Walters

Dr Pamela Walters

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Dr Pamela Walters is a Consultant Psychiatrist with expertise in general adult, addiction and forensic psychiatry. She treats a wide range of disorders, including psychosis, mood disturbances, trauma, substance misuse, neuro-developmental disorder, anxiety disorders, PTSD and has a keen interest in sports psychiatry.

She has worked extensively in the NHS and more recently the private and charity sectors. She has worked in forensic services, prisons, outpatient and in-patient hospitals including private in-patient and outpatient settings.

Pamela has worked for the national substance misuse and mental health charity, The Forward Trust as clinical director and responsible officer, 2017-2022 where she has developed services and designed treatment pathways, supported doctors and had extensive involvement in doctor’s training, and evaluating patient experience. She has worked as a national advisor for psychiatric standards for the Parliamentary and health services ombudsman. Pamela has been a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists addictions executive and is currently the addictions advisor to SEPSIG (Sports and Exercise Special Interest Group) at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Pamela has published research on substance misuse, sports matters and mental health dilemmas with Imperial College and Harvard University. In 2021 she collaborated with the University of Wisconsin on substance misuse management in athletes. More recently, she has written contemporary articles for the Drink and Drug news. Pamela has taught on the MSc course at the Institute of Psychiatry on both Forensic and Addictions courses.

Pamela is passionate about psychedelic medicine, which she sees as the future of psychiatry. She is currently training in psychedelic medicine at the Mind Foundation Berlin and is a keen member of the psychedelic community UK and Europe-wide and a member of PHP. Pamela is also involved in clinical trials in UK with psychedelics medicine in mental health.

In her downtime, Pamela is a keen runner & engages in well-being practices of mindfulness and meditation and enjoys painting.

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