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Dr Nick Mooney

Dr Nick Mooney

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Dr Nick Mooney is an HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist who has worked extensively across a broad range of mental and physical health services in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Nick has particular interests in working with adolescents and adult populations who are experiencing psychological and emotional challenges. These challenges may also be secondary to physical illness and injury, including cancer and chronic pain.

Nick aims to provide effective assessment and therapy for a variety of common psychological, emotional, and behavioural difficulties. He has experience providing a number of therapy approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Nick’s approach is one of collaboration and guidance. Once the factors that are maintaining the difficulties are understood, Nick can help you learn specific techniques to manage these challenges and take steps towards improving the activities and relationships that are important to you.

Nick recognises that the end goal of therapy is not to ‘fix’, or ‘cure’ the anxiety, stress, or pain. Instead, it is about learning to acknowledge that our thoughts and feelings are valid given our experiences in life, and that psychological strength comes from living well with the natural discomfort that arises from pursuing valued goals. In order to practice this attitude Nick regularly competes in long distance running events, and is an ardent fan of a reliably unpredictable London-based football club.

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