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Dr Monica Ramirez

Dr Monica Ramirez

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Dr Monica Ramirez trained as a general psychiatrist in Hospital de La Princesa, Spain. In the NHS Dr Ramirez works as a the C&A consultant psychiatrist in the Early Intervention in Psychosis Team and is the Lead of the Emotional Disorders Team in her CAMHS service.

Dr Ramirez has a bio-psycho-social approach to Mental Health. This means she sees mental health problems emerging from a combination of factors including biological (e.g. genetics) psychological, family and environmental factors (e.g school, community). Dr Ramirez endeavours to involve both the family and the child/ young person in the initial assessment and should it be helpful (e.g. ADHD assessment) obtain school feedback in order to undertake a thorough assessment.

Dr Ramirez covers all areas of child psychiatry. She also has particular expertise in depression/anxiety, ADHD and psychosis. She has extensive experience in using medication to treat mental health problems. However, she also explores other options, including psycho-education, individual talking therapy, parenting interventions, family therapy (among others) before considering starting a new medication.

Dr Ramirez endeavours to empower her patients to be part of the decision-making process regarding the best medication and treatment plan, by discussing the various options including different types of psychological therapies and any potential side effects of the medication. She consults in English and Spanish.

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