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As PwC’s mental health partners we have offered a range of services to help boost mental health and performance, including:

  • Advisory work – We have assisted the PwC board in evolving their Mental Health Strategy in line with the firm’s Values and Global Wellbeing Strategy .
  • New Partner induction training – We have led resilience and wellbeing sessions as part of PwC’s new Partner induction training since 2016.
  • Cohort specific training – We support PwC in helping their employees at key transition stages of their career.

For example, we designed and delivered a leadership resilience session for Senior Associates on the Altitude programme, a successful annual event in Cyprus and France.

This award-winning programme has had a measurable effect on PwC’s retention of senior managers, with 94% of participants agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “My leadership skills will improve as a direct result of the learning” and  97% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that their “skills have/will improve as a result of their learning” on the programme”.

    • Clinical work – this includes individual assessment and treatment of Partners referred directly, as well as support and guidance to Partners with relatives struggling with mental health problems.
    • Organisation-wide training – our preventative programmes are designed to empower employees with the cognitive and behavioural skills to reduce the negative impact of work and other stressors on their mental health and performance. Within PwC these interventions are no longer seen as a ‘nice to have’ benefit but a key driver of commercial success

    “PwC has worked extensively with Cognacity, global leaders in mental wellbeing and performance, over the past year in supporting PwC partners and staff”

    “The most helpful course I have attended at PwC.”

    Report produced by Dr Rob Archer, Director at Cognacity.  If you have any further questions about this report, please get in touch with Rob by email:

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