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Dr Rob Archer

Dr Rob Archer

Chartered Psychologist

Dr Rob Archer is a Chartered Psychologist specialising in helping organisations and individuals build resilience, improve mental health and sustain high performance.

Having trained at the University of London and Ashridge Business School, Rob now provides training, coaching and consultancy for a wide range of clients in financial and professional services, oil, gas and construction, FMCG, public sector, creative industries, SMEs and elite sporting teams.

Dr Rob Archer set up The Career Psychologist in 2008 to help people transform their careers. Through a combination of applied psychology, decision science, psychometric testing and coaching, The Career Psychologist now helps thousands of people get unstuck and move forward with purpose. Rob writes regularly on the psychology of career change in his blog, Headstuck!

Rob’s practice and research focus on the importance of developing psychological flexibility, which research data suggests has a major impact on performance, health, innovation and learning. He has just led the largest research trial of its kind in this area and speaks regularly at international conferences on these topics.
Rob is also a former Schools and University cricket international, and fast deteriorating runner.

He is a sought-after keynote speaker and consultant, with recent clients including the Royal Bank of Canada, 3M, Mars, PwC, BP, Standard Chartered, Bain & Co, as well as a host of Magic Circle law firms. Rob has also worked extensively in elite sport, working with both athletes and managers in Premiership soccer, cricket, tennis and Formula 1.

Rob is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Chartered member of the Divisions of Occupational and Coaching Psychologists.

Rob lives with his young family on the Olympic Park in London. He is also a former Schools and University cricket international, and fast deteriorating runner.

Dr Phil Hopley

Dr Phil Hopley

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Phil Hopley is a Medical Doctor and Consultant Psychiatrist. After 19 years working with the NHS, he founded Cognacity and is now Managing Director.

Phil’s training in forensic, general and sport psychiatry combined with a career playing Premiership rugby enabled him to develop his passion for the mental health of elite performance in sport and business. In recent years Phil has worked as the mental health advisor to a number of blue chip organisations and sport bodies guiding mental health strategy development and providing coaching / crisis support. Phil is also nationally recognised as an accomplished expert witness in a wide range of medico-legal areas including high profile sport disciplinary matters.

In his downtime, mindful dog walking, watching sport, playing golf and trying to keep up with the next generation of Hopleys helps to keep him balanced.

Specialist Interests

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Board Level Leadership & Performance Coaching
  • Crisis Management


For more information on Dr Phil Hopley please contact reception


Watch Dr Hopley’s talk on Performance Under Pressure

Prof Pieter Kruger

Prof Pieter Kruger

Consultant Psychologist

Prof Pieter Kruger is a HCPC and HPCSA registered consultant psychologist and professor of clinical psychology. He has been working in the public and private sectors for the past 18 years and is currently the Director of International Operations. He is also currently the Director of the Centre for Health & Human Performance at North-West University in South Africa and a visiting professor at the UCL Medical School in London since 2011.

Prof Pieter Kruger has been specialising in elite performance (business and sport), as well as anxiety disorders in clinical practice. He has a special interest in the design and implementation of high-performance strategies to optimise wellbeing and performance in high pressure environments on a systemic, team and individual level. He has been working with various Olympic athletes, elite sports people and elite teams in England, Ireland, Australia and South Africa.

As a former road and track national cycling champion, Pieter is still a keen recreational mountain biker, enjoys playing squash and spending time outdoors with his family.

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Dr Marisa Lang

Dr Marisa Lang

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Marisa Lang is a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist experienced in Adult Mental Health and Corporate Well-being Programmes.

She obtained her clinical doctorate at University College London and specialised in Cognitive-Behavioural approaches at Oxford University. Drawing on evidence-based practice, her work is characterised by an integrative, client-centred and collaborative approach.

Having worked in the field of stress-management and mental-health awareness for over 20 years, she is part of Cognacity’s Corporate Service team delivering workshops across the UK and Internationally.

Marisa has been pivotal in the development of various training programmes covering topics such as Mental Health and Burnout Awareness, as well as Resilience and Wellbeing promotion. She has considerable delivery experience across professional services firms, helping people in high pressure environments apply evidence-based strategies to optimise performance and wellbeing.


Click here to see a short video of Marisa highlighting Bad Stress – what is your stress signature


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Jake Lovelock

Jake Lovelock


Jake Lovelock is a British Psychological society (BPS) registered Psychologist, who provides training and coaching to a range of Cognacity clients. Jake works with professional athletes, corporations as well as providing psychotherapy in our Harley Street Clinic.

Academically, Jake has an undergraduate degree and two postgraduates in psychology, and is currently completing a third postgraduate at University of Oxford (BSc, MSc, PGCert and PGDip respectively).

He is also the in-house Performance Psychologist for a national rugby team, where he specialises in performance, mental health and burnout. Jake now use his passion for elite performance under pressure to create sustainable high performance systems in all his work.

In his downtime, Jake is often being dragged around the UK by his Siberian Husky competing in dryland dog sports.

MSc (Psychol.), MISC, MBPsS, MABP, Level A & B BPS Occupational Test User.

For more information on Jake Lovelock please contact reception.

Dr Filippo Passetti

Dr Filippo Passetti

Consultant Psychiatrist

After studying medicine in Florence (Italy), Dr Filippo Passetti went to Cambridge to study towards a PhD in Experimental Psychology. He then trained in clinical psychiatry in Cambridge and London, including lectureships at the Royal Free & UCL and at St. George’s Medical Schools.

He worked as consultant psychiatrist at Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust and at the Cambridge community alcohol services before starting in private practice. His main academic interests have been in the neuropsychological changes associated with addictive disorders and the neuropsychological/ functional MRI predictors of clinical outcome in addiction treatment.

Since joining Cognacity, Filippo has become increasingly interested in resilience and stress-related disorders, particularly in the context of parental separation and divorce. At Cognacity, Filippo leads on the development of the addiction treatment services, including the residential gambling treatment services based at Leon House in Manchester.

In his mid-life, Filippo has taken up kitesurfing and anything resembling it (skateboarding, snowboarding and sliding on slippery floors).

For more information on Dr Filippo Passetti please contact reception.

Dr Cinzia Pezzolesi

Dr Cinzia Pezzolesi

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Cinzia Pezzolesi is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a qualified Mindfulness Teacher. She has a post graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from Oxford University. Cinzia is currently acting as the Clinical Director of the Mindfulness Project and is collaborating both with the clinical and corporate teams at Cognacity.

Cinzia has started her career as researcher at Hertfordshire University where she gained a PhD in the topic of “human factors and patient safety’. Before moving the UK, Cinzia was a professional volleyball player for several years and she still cultivates a passion for sports and healthy eating.

For more information on Dr Cinzia Pezzolesi please contact reception.

Marco Turrent

Marco Turrent

Financial Expert

Marco Turrent is an FCA approved Financial Advisor and workplace financial education specialist who leads the Cognacity Financial Wellbeing team. He has over 20 years’ experience of advising investors: from individuals to family offices and institutional asset owners.

Marco holds a BA in Psychology (University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) and an MBA (Cambridge University). Marco has a thorough understanding of global financial markets having worked in New York, Mexico City and London from where he developed his deep interest for the intersection between psychology and finance.

Marco has lectured on Finance & Financial Markets at Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) and on Derivative Markets at the University of London. When not working, Marco’s time revolves around his young family – usually rocking out with his three daughters but also, on occasion, ideally grabbing a moment of peace with a strong espresso, and a good read like The Economist.

For more information on Marco Turrent please contact us.


Dr Ruairi Robertson

Dr Ruairi Robertson

Nutrition Expert

Dr Ruairi Robertson is an expert in the nutrition of gut health and brain health. He has a undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition and a Ph.D in Microbiology and has conducted research in Harvard University Medical School, University College Cork and currently in Queen Mary University of London.

His research explores the many fascinating ways that your gut and its microbes contribute to your health and disease and how different diets affect these interactions. This research is uncovering new insights into the exciting influence of gut microbes on the human body, from belly to brain. Dr Rauiri is also a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Pasteur Institute, Paris.

For more information on Dr Ruairi Robertson please contact us.

Dr Sophie Bostock

Dr Sophie Bostock

Sleep Expert

Dr Sophie Bostock is a Sleep Evangelist with a mission: to help people to improve their lives by unlocking the science of sleep and performance.

Following degrees in Medicine and Entrepreneurship, Sophie completed a PhD in Psychobiology at UCL. This led to an interest in sleep in as one of the unsung heroes of health and wellbeing. Sophie spent 5 years as Innovation Lead at Big Health, a digital medicine company, where she was awarded an NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellowship for her work on Sleepio, an online CBT sleep improvement programme.

As part of the Cognacity team, Sophie provides keynote talks, workshops and coaching for clients in business, healthcare and elite sport. Sophie regularly features as a sleep expert in national media (e.g. BBC News, ITV This Morning, The Telegraph, The Guardian) and has been invited to deliver talks for Ted Talks and Google.

For more information on Dr Sophie Bostock please contact us.

Dr Gauri Seth

Dr Gauri Seth

Executive Coach

Dr Gauri Seth is a mother of three children, and executive parent and emotional intelligence coach, with a background in medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Gauri graduated from the University of Bristol with a first-class honors in Bioethics. She has worked as an NHS doctor and clinical academic, with specialist experience in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Her clinical experience includes working with couples and families in systemic therapy, mothers in perinatal psychiatry, adults in schema therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive analytical therapy.

Gauri is widely published across peer-reviewed academic journals and has received several awards for her research. She has collaborated and published on Medical Ethics education in medical schools across the UK.

Gauri founded Brain-Based Connection in 2021, a parenting coaching programme to support parents with emotional connection with their children. Gauri is passionate about sustainable mental health, and the importance of the parenting period on transgenerational wellness.

Gauri is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, advises Shawmind, a UK based charity, on supporting parents with emotional connection and is a parent expert for SPARKLE, a clinical trial at Kings College London developing interventions for family wellness.


For more information on Dr Gauri Seth please contact us.

Dr Judith Mohring

Dr Judith Mohring

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Judith Mohring is a Consultant Psychiatrist. Her career in mental health spans over 20 years in settings including the NHS, prison services and primary care. She is an expert in the emerging field of lifestyle psychiatry and evidence-based wellbeing having pioneered this approach in her City and Harley Street practice over the last 5 years.

Dr Judith Mohring is a skilled facilitator, executive coach and therapist. Her teaching career has expanded – developing and delivering a broad range of webinars, workshops fireside chats and keynote presentations. Her subject areas include anxiety management, practical well-being advice, women in the workplace and managing family and work-related stress.

Her passion is communicating ideas about the mind in a clear and accessible way. She graduated from the Universities of London and Cambridge as a Gold Medal finalist (MBBS, MA Cantab, MRCPsych) and is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, American Psychiatric Association and the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Click here to view Judith delivering a session on Looking After Your Winter Wellbeing


For more information on Dr Judith Mohring please contact us.

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