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High Performance Coaching

Our coaching services help people cope with, and respond effectively to, stressful periods or crisis situations, and to maximise performance.

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Our coaching is time-limited, goal-directed and focused on optimising performance under pressure. Our coaches are experts in cognitive behavioural coaching (CBC) which emphasises that how we react to events is largely determined by our views of them, not by the events themselves.

We help individuals proactively build their resilience by understanding and dealing with the root causes of behaviour which undermine performance and well-being.

Coaching is short term and usually delivered in sessions lasting between 50 and 90 minutes.

Opened my eyes to the vast improvements from only small changes for both work and home life.


Participants have shown a 20% improvement in vitality and…


…and a 13% improvement in employee relationships.

Call us now for a free in house resilience consultation and bespoke report with a Cognacity top expert.

High Performance Coaching January 28, 2016

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We are experts with empathy.

At our core is our ability to take our leading scientific expertise and apply it with empathy to all our clients. Human understanding is at the heart of everything we do.

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We provide prompt CONFIDENTIAL assessment and treatment for the full range of psychological issues .

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