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High Performance Coaching

Our coaching services help people cope with, and respond effectively to, stressful periods or crisis situations, and to maximise performance.

Coaching Offerings

Cognacity uses a flexible and client-centred approach to coaching, based on the specific needs of your organisation. Whether you are looking to improve performance, employee engagement, leadership skills or resilience levels, or to provide support to employees dealing with change, career transition or work-related stress, we can work with you to provide the most effective solution for your team’s current goals.

Our team of expert coaches and psychologists apply evidence-based techniques from cognitive behavioural psychology to deliver sustainable results. We have worked with top performers in law, banking, manufacturing, consulting and various other sectors worldwide.

The following sections outline our main approaches to coaching which can be tailored to find the best solution for your organisation.


Impact Coaching


One-off session – 50 minutes


A goal-oriented, practical and high impact approach to professional coaching.


One of our experienced coaches will work with the individual to develop a tailored set of actions and objectives aimed toward achieving their immediate goals. They will take home a personalised plan to put these into action. This empowers the individual to make measurable and sustainable behaviour changes and reach their full potential. They will also receive feedback on their results on a bespoke psychometric assessment, as well as a report to take away.

Who is it for?

Any individual with a work-related goal who requires expert support to put this into action. Particularly useful for individuals who have attended one of our resilience workshops to provide individual support, embed the skills learned during the session and create a personalised action plan

Performance Coaching


• Free chemistry meeting (typically via phone/Skype)
• 2 hour contracting and goal-setting meeting
• 90 minute coaching sessions
• Typical 1+4 programme – goal-setting meeting plus 4 coaching sessions

Additional Support

Email support as needed by coachee.


One of our experienced coaches will work with the individual to support them toward accomplishing work-related goals. They will explore ways to overcome barriers and personal mind traps so that they can reach their full potential. Personalised action plans will be reviewed throughout the coaching engagement to track progress.
We use evidence-based techniques from cognitive behavioural psychology to ensure our clients see results. The Cognacity process is client-centred and we adapt our style to fit the needs of the individual.

Who is it for?

Employees seeking to improve in areas such as (but not limited to): transition into management/leadership position, professional development, change management, sustainable high performance, reducing risk of burnout, interpersonal conflict, communication and/or teamwork, under performance or difficulty reaching potential, disengagement.


All prices are available upon request. Discounts are available for volume bookings. Please get in touch to discuss your coaching needs (contact details can be found on the following page). We are confident that we can find the right solution for you and your organisation.

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I found the conversation really useful in helping me to see the issues I have day to day in perspective and to make some meaningful inroads into them.


I have made a step change for the better. All in all, a successful project and I think that I have formed a long term habit this time


Overall, there has been some improvement on my side, and definitely some marginal gain.


It really helped to talk at the coaching session and I could do with you every month!


Participants have shown a 20% improvement in vitality and…


…and a 13% improvement in employee relationships.

Call us now for a free in house resilience consultation and bespoke report with a Cognacity top expert.

High Performance Coaching January 28, 2016

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At our core is our ability to take our leading scientific expertise and apply it with empathy to all our clients. Human understanding is at the heart of everything we do.

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